Our Story

Hey! I'm Curtis Kennedy, founder, and CEO of Vertiball.

Back and muscle pain has always been a part of my life and I’ve never really had a good way to relieve my pain because most of my back has never been accessible to me. I messed around with tennis balls but I was never able to hit that sweet spot. I remember thinking to myself, “if I could somehow mount this tennis ball to the wall, without having to use my body weight to keep it in place, I would be able to solve all my back pain issues”. A few years, and a couple of hundred prototypes later, I found the perfect solution: Vertiball, a wall-mounted massage ball that uses an industrial-strength suction cup to stay secure.

I spent a lot of time at pitch competitions and eventually I got what I needed to start the manufacturing process. It was a very long road but knowing that I could one day make a difference in other people’s lives made it all worthwhile.
I know that Vertiball can change how we treat back and muscle pain. What other product out there gives its users to ability to control their pain and find relief on their terms?



Curtis Kennedy,
Founder & CEO of Vertiball